Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The self conscious first blog post. Dread it.

Why am I starting another blog? Why not?

In college I was an avid user of Live Journal. While I've no desire to replicate angsty drabbles that were longer then any paper I ever had to write, I do miss writing. Journalling. Writing things down about my life and thoughts helps me remember them. I'm a very ditzy, fragmented individual with very little internal storage. As I age, time seems to move faster (as promised). Hopefully writing some things down will help me hold onto life, slow it down a bit perhaps...

I've already got a blog about things of quality. The Art of Sithel is a tightly controlled space to share my work in a publicly acceptable manner. Which is probably why I haven't posted there all to frequently. But I like what it is, what it hopes to be, and I've no desire to dilute it with, well, me.

Here I hope to just note... thoughts. Not the nitty-gritty LJ-ish details of day to day life... but thoughts, reviews, revelations... I've no idea why anyone would want to read it... but I've no reason to hide it so why not... I often enjoy stumbling across writings of people who I know or whose work I enjoy.

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