Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life in February

Went out to Colorado last week for work. Not sure if I mentioned it, but my company was acqu-hired by these guys last month. They're based in Boulder, Colorado but, no, I will not be moving out there.

Turns out everyone in Colorado (at least the Boulder & Fort Colins portions I visited) is crazy nice. Like... kinda' spooky nice. I hadn't realized how jaded I had become living in SF...

Work is still working along though. We're still using the Play framework (1.2.4) and I gotta' say I'm a huge fan. Several people on the team have become slightly disillusioned about aspects of the framework but not me. As long as you're willing to accept that their testing framework should be taken with a very large pinch of salt and that you're going to have to brush up against more static methods then you'd like, it's great.

Also, we are using git and I've sorta' pushed myself to the front of managing our transition from the basic "working off the master branch" to something more like the git-flow behavior. I've had at least two nights of intense git dreams now... not nightmares, but not exactly restful. I still haven't mastered rebasing, but other then that I'm finally starting to feel pretty damn comfortable with it. It helps that we're using FishEye and it visualizes everything fantastically. Also, we're using Crucible for code reviews. THAT is super awesome.

Just switched some UI code the other day from a janky "jquery hacking at stuff in Spine" over to Knockout. OMG Squee! I've talked about Knockout before and I gotta' say- it still rocks. Working with it just feels right. Like a fuzzy code blanket that you wrap yourself in and sigh, knowing that everything will be alright.

We're still using Coffeescript and it still makes me mutter under my breath. I don't have any problem using it myself, but I apparently have a problem accepting that folks are going to write code in the Coffescript way which means no method ()s and using the words "and" and "or" in their conditionals... and that conditionals/control structures sometimes go *after* the statement they're controlling.... It's like... like... WHY? Why? I refuse to believe you gain anything by leaving off method ()s-- it just makes it harder to read. Coffeescript CAN be written in the "usual" way. Maybe if you don't know how to program the "English" style of coding is helpful, but personally I've learned to read code that looks like Java, JavaScript and C++ and have optimized my code skimming/scanning behavior for things that match that.

I've said it before in the office, but reading Coffeescript feels like reading a Cormac McCarthy novel-- I'm sure there's a great story/stuff there, but WHY? You can leave off the quote marks in English and ()s in code and I can figure out what you mean but it's not helping anything. It's just really fucking annoying.

Also- no {}s? WTF.

Speaking of questionable ideas, I've for some reason started to express interest in cooking. Talk about being a late bloomer. It helps that I bought an immersion blender aka spinning blades of death machine. That's fun.

It's not fra-la-la-la cook anything interest though. I've got 1.5 very specific dinner party plan ideas with specific dishes I need to learn to cook. So... yeah, I'm working on that....
Eggs & Needles

In fact, I'm so dedicated to the plan, I'm shelling out ridiculous $$$$ x more to take a pasta making class at Flour + Water (it comes with a dinner so I guess that makes it reasonable?). I'm also going to the Gastronomy event at the Exploratorium.... So we'll see how this all goes....
Put it in the oven?

But with every up, there is a down... Increase in programming thoughts + cooking = decrease in ... ? Sewing? Drawing? (could it get any infrequent?) I'll probably miss the gardening boat this spring...

Eggs & Needles

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