Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just one monster

[animated... wait for it...]

Finished my red monster... wired jaws and wired fingers make for happiness.

The dowels in his legs and the grippy mesh I sewed to the bottoms of his feets means he's very stable. Oddly hunched forward when he stands, but still stable. Arms are wired a bit. I almost didn't give him eyes, but he looked too unfinished without them. Also added a fuzzy tummy at the last minute to hide the oddly shaped body.

Don't have a lot to share. Some health issues reared up and ruined my week. Lame. At least I'm getting better. Yay for having health insurance!


Wish I had more to say. Better yet- more results to show what I've done... Tried to get scanner set up but it wasn't meant to be-- stupid thing is now headed towards the junk yard and I'm out a scanner. Not sure what I should do- I need a fladbed scanner if I do get one (none of those single page feeders) but I'm not sure I want to give up that much desk space. Does that just mean I'll never again scan a sketch? That feels... odd.

I guess the temporary solution is to start comp. sketching again. Which I have started! Got new craft room set up a bit- photos later.

In minor news, I saw my family in Wisconsin which was awesome. Visited my sister in Madison which turned out to be a far cooler city then expected. I LOVED THE ZOO!!! And it was free! Later, my mother and I had a bake-off and Adam told me he thought I won. Which was good to hear. (I think hers was better). Back to basicsIn other baking news I have failed one too many times at making cookies from scratch I'm in a self-imposed exile back into recipe land. Sad. Following recipes isn't all bad, I guess- I did manage to produce some tasty Mango chocolate chip cookies which definitely satisfies my "must not be easily store bought" requirement of food. There's another cooking party coming up this weekend- am not sure what to make yet but my brain gears are definitely a-grinding...

So... yeah... nothing much here. Not reading anything good, not listening to anything good, not watching anything good these days. Recommendations welcome.

[animated... wait for it...]

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