Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall 2012 Europe trip

Upon recent reflection, both Adam and I are somewhat appalled with how much travel we've done this year. That sort of life style isn't really "us" and I think we both look forward to doing less next year. As silly as that may sound.

This most recent trip was mostly due to Adam needing to go to Munich, Germany for work and then to Lyon, France for a conference. It was a great motivator for me to finally quit my job (something I'd been talking about doing for quite some time) and away we went for 3 weeks in late October to Europe.

A lovely collection of photos from the trip has been posted to my Flickr account over here.

I could have many comments on the trip in abstract, many of which I wrote down in order to help myself sleep, but a fragment of what I wrote summarizes it best -- "This I think about frequently when I'm across an ocean. It doesn't feel right, but no one wants to hear that." I had a good time, but not a great time. So lets focus on the highlights:

  • Munich, Germany : 10/21 to 10/26 & 11/4 to 11/11 : Downtown feels like a giant shopping mall. There are great museums. I went on a bike tour and it was fun. Sadly the weather was shit.
    Bike Tour! Beer! Drama!
  • Strasbourg, France : 10/27 to 10/28 : We showed up and it was snowing. Balls. The cathedral there was lovely in the snow however and climbing the next day with improved weather was delightful. Two days/one night seemed like the idea duration for a visit. We went on a boat tour- it was touristy but warm and therefor fun. It was great to get the chance to visit a place we passed up during our 2006 Europe tour.
    So excited! View from the water
  • Lyon, France : 10/28 to 11/1 : As much as I can love a French-speaking place, I loved Lyon. It reminded us both of Seattle. The weather improved for the first time and I enjoyed my chance to walk about. Turns out museums about printing aren't the best idea... it's just like reading a text book smeared throughout several rooms. Informative! but sadly not well suited to the medium. I reconnected with my childhood love of Special Effects.
    Beauty For Nate Church on a hill
  • Switzerland is awesome. Best non-English speaking place yet. Looks like Colorado with French countryside draped over it. So damn beautiful, I can seem myself going back another time. Turns out start of November is a terrible time to visit. The 4 day Swiss pass worked out perfectly for us.
    • Geneva : 11/1 : shitty natural history museum, perfect science museum! Pretty town
      Sock Probability! Rebecca has arrived Cuddly
    • Montreux : 11/1 to 11/2 : We stayed up on the hill that night and learned two things [1] Cheese fondue is definitely a thing in Switzerland but not chocolate fondue. Insane [2] It is possible to eat yourself ill with cheese fondue. Luckily I know my cheese limit.
    • Zermatt : 11/2 : Trains are awesome! Mountains are awesome! Everything is made of happiness and joy. And really expensive.
      Awestruck Adam's so high!
    • Bern : 11/2 : Bears! There is a bear park! Best balance between bear happiness and humans' need to gawk that I've seen. Cute town!
      Contemplate Switzerland
    • Lucern : 11/2 to 11/3 : Sometimes just walking into a hotel and asking for a room works out really well. Cute tiny natural history museum, lovely bridges, fantastic transit museum.
      Transit! Swiss clocks Touching
    • Zurich : 11/3 : lame
    • Stein am Rhein : 11/3 to 11/4 : Adorable tiny little tourist towns appear to be the right speed for Adam and Rebecca. Riding cows is great fun. It's hard for farmers in Switzerland. Train back to Munich was hell.
      Rejoice! Tails

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