Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hectic Week

Last night and the night before was dominated by the Edwardian Ball. Good times were had, sketches made, and trinkets purchased. I currently have a minor headache though due to the lack of sleep so I don't feel like shuffling together all the scans and photos to go with it. Next post, next post...

Short version: it was fun- though not as fun as previous years. Lost my black pen relatively early Saturday night and there is NO way you can draw folks at the ball without copious amounts of black. Also- Friday has lots of stuff going on to walk about and see, but Saturday is all show for which I will always buy VIP tickets for. Why?

Edwardian Ball Balcony
My, what a lovely performance that only the balcony folks and a handful of the lower class can see!

My sleep depravation starts before this weekend though. Finally felt the crafting itch and spur of the moment like made this fellow.

Warm up project
That wasn't really what I had planned for the evening, but I'm happy with the results. More scorpion like then spider like, alas. Dug out a new soldering iron tip and practiced not sucking... looks like I need more practice (I've no complaint how the bug looks, but my joints are sloppy and my technique horrid) Did a better job this time with getting the legs to line up and whatnot. Magnets! Magnets solve everything! I used one to hold the fellow in place while I worked, which also happend to be the final offset hight from the surface I wanted so I knew the legs were all sitting correctly. It also helped that I soundly sanded and then wiped down where I was soldering to on the bullet casing.

Was happy to bring him into work. Nothing says "Rebecca sits here!" like little monsters and bullet bugs. Calming. Pleasing.

Where does Rebecca sit?
The fellow has already lost half a leg though- testament to my shitty soldering job. I think I'll bring the iron into work and just fix him there though. Walking down the street holding him is and odd feeling.
My new job
Work itself has been going well enough. Not sure what to say. Oh! I guess I could say that I've been making bugs at home and fixing them at work all week long. Ha! A joke! Bugs & bugs! Hahahaha.a...aha.... I'm going to take a nap now. My head hurts.

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