Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Game Music

So... I was going to draw tonight... have this great sketch idea of Jaya licking her new arm. But instead I spent... jeeze... the last three? hours manually looking up & constructing the Gaslight playlist in Rdio. There are sooooo many tracks missing, it's a ridiculous tragedy. But even with that, there's still 68 available from all chapters. Good for me to listen to at work. But also a good reminder that keeping ahold of old MP3s has value. Just dug around and made sure I still had all of them on my backup drive... as well as a good handful of session recordings. Hilarious, those.

This was motivated in part because last night I pulled together some album artwork for my 4th Terminus and Midwinter playlists, which I had looked up & built quite some time ago.

There's an Academie of Magic one too, but I don't have artwork yet for it...

Now that I'm listening to the music, all I want to do draw is Lilly and her pretty pretty dresses... covered in mud. Possibly strangling someone. How are all my old sketches (mostly) not online?! Ugh...

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