Monday, June 29, 2015

Things Things Things in June

The month has slipped by and I'd kick myself if I didn't post *something* to record the passage of time.

First half of the month

The youngest Stecker got married. Who knows, she may be the only one of us to do so.

The Bride
That's Dr. Bride, to you!
It was nice to have the family rallied up in Washington. The turnout wasn't as good as our cousin's wedding, alas, but that's what you get when marrying on short notice and later in life.
We were in Wenatchee, WA (currently on fire) and endured some serious heat wave-ness. I also endured some wine tasting, for the sake of the bride. We also endured each other. In our advanced years we managed to get through a multi-day event without fighting. How adult of us.
Mother spent a lot of effort wrangling a photo booth for the event, making it clear to me where I get my craftiness from. Other than the blistering heat, the venue was lovely. We got to stay the night before and after there on site in a ridiculous room. (For some reason, while I was not in attendance, it was decided that Adam and I would get the Bridal Suite)

Second half of the month

Another 4th Terminus session finally happened again. And it was breathtaking. Like... I couldn't breath. Because I was laughing so hard. So so so good. But how can I not delight in a session dedicated entirely to my character?

4th Terminus!!
Adam and I went back up for Mt Tam Pancakes, which alas remains a car-based hike. For the first time we tackled the Beach to Inn and Back Again loop, hitting up a new portion of the trail this time.
Such Hill. Such Fog.
Highly recommend it- too bad it's nameless. We literal came out of the trees, left the (main) trail, and stomped straight up to the peek. An intense ascent- would not have been possible if I hadn't gifted Adam some hiking sticks that morning. Everything was made better by the rolling high fog of the morning.
Delight of the Hike
Pancakes were tasty as ever. Adam always regrets not bringing real syrup but personally I was raised on the artificial stuff and it brings back fond memories. After a 5 mile hike, who cares about the quality of sugar you're putting atop your pancakes?
End of the Hike
Another 5 miles later and we were back at the beach.

And now June is (almost) over. I am certain July will be even better, but more on that later...

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