Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a creature so cute, it shits marshmellows

One of the really awesome things about making crafts and not code is that I've got something real, something tangible to show for my efforts. The down side is that these little effort-proving results are, you know, real and take up more space then a pinch of area on some harddrive's surface. I've only been crafting a couple years and already my shelf is getting kinda' crowded with the results.

So, what to do? Well stopping isn't really an option... and as much as I think "golly wouldn't it be nice if I learned to cook" in order to transfer my creative efforts into a more ephemeral product, the idea just doesn't take. The solution that I've settled on is "get ride of them". Trashing them seems too wasteful... and there's only so many ugly monsters I can push off onto my friends.

Which leads me to my conclusion : selling them. It's a motivator to improve quality and it's perhaps a way to cover costs. I don't need the money, which means hopefully I can price them low enough to actually trick someone into buying them. This calls for an overall improvement in the quality of construction them I'm used to and probably an improvement in the quality of materials themselves-- no more rice or batteries to weigh down body parts...

Here is the first creature I made that I was mindful of the possibility of selling. Despite my best efforts finishing it proved to be too painful and so I rushed through the eyes and hair... but whatever. I don't care what anyone says- it's a fucking unicorn. Don't say a word about any of the miss-numbered components. I don't want to hear it. It's a unicorn.

I don't really remember when/where I got the obnoxious candy-colored yarn. Pinks and purples, how unlike me... but it was super soft! Put some lead weights in the hind legs to keep him level. Yes, definitely the male gender... He's about a hand an half in length. A little floppy around the neck, but able to stand upright.

Knowing I wanted to sell it meant I went for the most marketable thing I could think of- really fucking cute. So cute that it looks like it would shit marshmellows. May add more to it over time (more pink roving for the mane? fixing the GOD DAMN EYES?!?) but I got it to a point that I can actually call it done this weekend. Trying to figure out how much to price it for... am thinking somewhere between $20 and $30... not sure who would buy it though... but the world/Internet is full of crazy people...

Still have not figured out how to over-come the 'blob' like effect of crochetted monsters... tried size and color variation on this one and it still looks like a big pile of yarn- at least in the photos. I guess that's another thing the "Sell!" idea requires- improved photography skills. I think I'll have to pester Mel for help...

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