Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ambitious projects

Other people have already thought of and created excellent Settlers of Catan quilts. I've thought of making my own off and on for several years but am finally buckling down to do it. The key goals of my quilt however are:
  • A: make it large enough that you can sit on it and play on it at the same time
  • B: make it an actually nice quilt to snuggle with since it will no doubt see more use as a quilt then a game board
  • C: make the tiles shuffle-able! I haven't seen any quilts that do this yet and the random-ness of the game is such an important part!

    I'm excited about the colors I picked-- bright colors aren't normally my thing...

    From top to bottom on the left it goes desert, forest, pasture (sheep), field (wheat), mountain (ore), and hills (brick). I've received negative feedback about my choice of field fabric-- people claim it should be more yellow. I'm taking it under consideration... it'll be quite a while till I have to settle on that.

    Also picked up one of those rolly cutters for the first time- makes a *huge* difference with ease of cutting!! Washed and cut all the water pieces and started piecing them together.

    My sewing skills are rather "rusty" if you're being nice- "shitty" if you're being honest. Pieced together the top half of the quilt and laid out the colors for the other half...

    It's... simple work. Doesn't require constant thought or continuous creativity. Great for working on when watching TV...

    So, yeah... I'm over here, worken' on that.
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