Thursday, September 8, 2011

Portal 2 : Frankenturret replica round 3 (4?)

Pre-mature posting, yes, but I wanted to get something out this week at least...

May I present the (almost) finished round 3 of the Portal 2 Frankenturret! (It's more done then it looks- I have all the corners and edging cast and ready to go)

Despite one minor hiccup, I'm extremely happier with this one. Itterating on a project can lead to better results! Who knew!

Some quick facts about this puppy (a more in-depth post when I finish it off):
  • Better / newer cast pieces. Remember to sand. And sand some more. At all stages. And then dremel the sucker after you cast it. And then sand some more.
  • That's a sawed off tick-tack case for the body there. Always knew those suckers would be useful!!
  • The neck and leg joints/extensions are parts from my forever-useful ripped up type-writer (it was dead when I got it! and electric! and I would never think of harming my working non-electric one). That sucker is just a parts heaven. Not only is the metal/pivots from there, the springs at the end of everything are from there too.
  • Hot glue will look tacky. Doesn't matter how hard you try to be neat about it. Tacky. But what else can I use!?!
  • Tool dip & solder & thought-out electronics are not tacky. Yeah.

    Working on it Monday was really invigorating. Makes me want to do a couple more projects in the same vein. There's just something about it... I think it's a mix of how wonderful Portal 2 is as a game and how simple the designs are. They do a fantastic job of humanizing these little robots. Or, at least... animalizing them? There was a YouTube comment that- dare I confess- I liked which pointed out that the Frankenturret is basically like a pet hermit crab.

    It's not just me who's head-over-heals for these puppies... There are a number of (more) awesome projects out there then just mine. A couple links :
  • The much linked to papercraft one. I've not given it a go yet (paper's not really my medium) but I will at some point...
  • Not all replicas need to be very detailed to still be cute. I'm thinking of making a plush version based on this guy's clay model (already received approval to do so)
  • The number of people who humanize the turrets in fan art is kinda' surprising. Also, the fan art in general can be kinda' awesome.
  • This little future over-lord is pretty sweet, even if he is the original turret model
  • One could even adopt a frankenturret style of fashion

  • In closing, here's a video of me fidgeting with the work so far... I don't think you realize how fun flicking those little spring-legs is!
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