Saturday, September 3, 2011


I went to Las Vegas with Adam! It was my first trip there and I enjoyed it very much. It was very facinating but I don't think I've a strong desire or urge to go back soon. The artificialness of it all is the initial delight and final detraction.

Our stay was at the Wynn. We had a lovely room with a lovely view. The picture has been misplaced... The casino below was also one of my favorites.


For the record, I only played slots. I put in a total of $11 and got out a total of $23 (all from a single win). Adam played Black Jack and while he came out down overall, he made it back by volentering to be bumped on our return Southwest flight.

The first night we went to see Ka. It was fantastic, but that doesn't mean much because I'm a Cirque de Soleil major fan. It appeared less athletic then other shows I've seen, but it made it up with amazing set. Not just the rotating platform, which was boggling, but the whole arena and all props were great.

The Spanish Knight

The second night Adam caved to my irrational wishes to go see the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur hotel/casino. We were seated in the "Spain" section which was thankfully populated by a handful of other way-to-old-for-this individuals. Our knight was a friendly individual who welcomed our over-enthusiastic cheering.

While rediculously over-priced, the food throught the trip was very enjoyable. One of the highlights was the red velvet pancakes on the last day. They had cream cheese frosting! Totally unhealthy, like eating cake, no doubt about it. Fun.


In the end, it was fun. Too expensive though, swamped with people, and very artificial. It was also insanely hot, which was so startling new it wasn't even bad. Great time, only need one go at it though. Am looking forward to some future Hawaii date. That's more my speed.

[* not taken in Hawaii. Random bird just outside Treasure Island casino]

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  1. Excalibur is like Casa Bonita (Mexican restaurant in Denver) except that instead of Mariachi bands, they have knights in armor.