Thursday, May 10, 2012

More with the trial, less with the error

Artsy art shot
To follow advice given in my previous post, I bought another book off of Amazon. Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food! Am (again) very happy with my purchase! This book is massive and with lovely details! Haven't been able to make much of a dent in it, but I've started...

Okay, backing up... rewind the week.... Went to Carina Round show! She had opened for the Puscifer show I saw last month. Tiny venue & fun! Played a bit of Polaris- a tabletop game which kicked my butt. Hung out at Golden Gate park- always more awesome then one expects it to be.

And then! And then, when going back far enough, you'd find me on top of a hill at night with my friend Trisha taking mooooooon photos! Well, actually, more like "light graffiti" photos because we got up there too late for the moon to be very photogenic. Trisha had done it before, but not I. The new tripod proved to be most useful (btw, Trish, my remote was at the bottom of the bag the entire time!) and setting the camera's shutter/thing for 30 second shots made for apple time to goof off.

San Francisco Night Set
All the photos can be found over on Trisha's flickr page!. We only had a bike-light for our "pen"... next time, I'm bringing more firepower...
San Francisco Night Set

Jumping back to my opening topic- Cooking for Geeks! Reading stuff is helping (also using bread flour). I made spinach & rosemary bread this evening- 2 loaves, one of which was quickly snapped up. More "fluffy" then the "chewy" I desire, but at least Adam likes it more then my earlier "dense" ones. I made some more cream 'o vegetable soup this evening as well with misc things. I then used a tiny bit soup plus a tiny bit of agar from my Modernist Pantry order I made last month... the results were.... Odd. I can't tell if the flavor changed much, the look was so overwhelming. Will try again tomorrow with something sweet.

Spinach & Rosemary Bread + Crazy!

Avocado & too much mintOne last food photo- avocado & mint things: cookies, crackers, and bread. The cookies were great but ugh- the bread? Me and mint need to take a break from each other... the avocado was heavenly- Adam said it tasted like vegan brioche.... but that damn mint! Last time I got carried away with a mortar and pestle. This time I was seduced by a vial of peppermint extract. Turns out that stuff is potent... yeah... and now I know. Take away: + avocado, - extracts, and I still don't know how to make crackers... damnit

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