Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Money sometimes leads to joy

Image lifted from Google+... I doubt they're very reliable long term... animated image of green stuffed monster Money can't buy you love or happiness. But it can buy you things to make you happy, especially while your loved one is away all week watching movies and you've nothing to do but hang out at home and craft and craft some more.

Decided to splurge and throw money at random interests last week. Results were wildly successful. This suggests I should buy things more often. Hmmm...

Recently I have purchased:

  • A camera tripod and a wireless remote for the camera! This has turned out to be very useful. It improves the quality of images I photograph, especially in the evening. It allows me to do stop-motion stuff which I am sorely out of practice with but have longed for many years to try my hand at again. And while I wasn't expecting to find this helpful- it lets me practice taking mildly flattering photos of myself. I'm not very photogenic and I've never really met anyone who has offered any help on the matter. So far I've found I'm much improved if I don't point my head directly at the lens- or at least as long my chin and neck don't line up... Sure, awkward looking, but at least I look less blob-y. Also, shoulders not just back up also down. Dooown.
    Google+ hosted, who knows how reliable that is... animated gif of purple curl monster

  • A piping foot for my machine! (Actually, I think it was called an adjustable zipper foot). Makes sewing feel so much more delightful and I feel I might have a better chance with straight lines! Turns out piping makes things look classy! Hmmm... maybe classy isn't the right word... professional?

  • Fabric! I really strained myself here and strove to put together fabrics that didn't scream "Rebecca makes clothing out of curtains!" and stepped outside the blue/brown color pallet. Grabbed bright colors, for that is what one makes aprons out of. With my new surge of cooking, it turns out I actually do need an apron... actually need a full-length one, but this was a warm up. Again I am reminded of how much sewing follows similar thought-patterns as programming. Unlike many other crafts I do, I feel like if you just thought hard enough about a sewing problem, really thought every step through, you could achieve the optimal outcome... as opposed to many of my other attempts at craft which feel far more fickle and/or skill based (crochet, sketching). Pattern was un documented and made up on the fly based off these two images [1][2]
    New ApronNew ApronNew Apron
  • Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking : I desire more freedom then I've found Googling recipes on the Internet, so I grabbed a book to liberate myself. The parts of it I'm interested are only a fraction of a book and it doesn't have all the information I want, but it's not bad. I am happy with my purchase. If anyone has suggestions for books about the science of cooking (well, more so baking), I'm all ears.

  • Lauren Ipsum : nabbed on a whim. Originally saw it on Kickstarter and couldn't stop thinking about it. Am happy, will probably read it again. Only got.... ~75% of the references in first pass, I'm so ashamed! It's a quick read, if anyone wants to borrow it. I'm interested in a child's opinion of it- it's written as if for kids, but... I don't know how well they'd take to it/how amused they'd be... But I liked it!!

I would like to say that money wasn't the only source of happiness. I just "won" (2nd place, 2nd time in a row) the sketch contest at Dr. Sketchy's. I have awesome friends, some of which came up to visit in the city, one who is visiting from out of town, and many others with whom I shared an excellent dinner with this Sunday. Adam has been very good about taking at least one weekend day off from SFIFF to hang out with me. He even made rhubarb crisp this weekend!
Rhubarb Crisp

Life for Rebecca is pretty good right now.

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