Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dr Sketchy's : Girls on Bikes

Dr Sketchy's Waterbottle

Dr. Sketchy's this week was awesome. There were bikes. There were girls. There were girls on bikes. Not only was there some fantastic sketching to be had, but it was also a fundraiser for the AIDs Lifecycle ride one of our branch's founders is partaking in. A good cause and finally a chance to combine the joy of eating and sketching at the same time. Fresh grilled cheese! Yes!

I was rocken the short poses but my mojo ran out for the 10 minute ones.

Dr Sketchy's Stretch Dr Sketchy's Lift Dr Sketchy's Blue Shorts
Didn't win the contest but felt good about my entry. I never have a enough time to finish my coloring though, damn! Upcoming themes are apparently "Circus" and "Desert Princesses"?
Dr Sketchy's Wheels & Wings

I'm not sketching as much as I'd like (when am I ever?) but I do a little here and there. It helps to have material and/or motivation. Haven't had vivid dreams for a while, but this week they've popped up again. Vivid, and frequently unpleasant. I think it has something to do with high temperatures... anyway- dream from the start of this week.
I was a jetpack rental place. I had visited it at some point earlier and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was renting a pack for a brief period of time before the start of work one day, taking it up above a hill and looking over a forest. It was so lovely... There was a sunset/sunrise with purple clouds. I wanted to take a panorama photo of what I saw with my cellphone, so I fumbled with my phone. Every time I took my hand off the left controller to take a photo I started to fall from the sky. I'd switch back to the controller and rise back up, and then fall back down to the ground again when I again went for a photo. Eventually I ran out of fuel and slowly sank back to the ground... was sad
Jetback Dream

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