Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Delights

Scones & CompanyThe weather has been lovely lately. A lot of tasty food as been consumed. Suko let me steal some of her home made lemon curd and so I had to make a batch of scones to make use of it. (picked up some Rhubarb Grapefruit jam at the ferry building for Adam. Turned out to be far more tasty then it had any right being)

Finished the quilt remains pillow from last post. In further efforts to clean the basement up, I've put more things on the wall. A hoop with some colored threads was easy enough and a sunny afternoon with a dremel enabled me to mount the random collection of pencils (mostly colored) that I've collected so far. Both projects use hatpins as the key component.

Additions to my craft wall

The pencils have a thin hole drilled through them and they hang on a hatpin. There's a loop of thread that is tied to the pin on one end and a button on the other. The pin goes through the button and the weight of the pencils (and the tilt of the hanging) keeps the button in place.

Pencils & Thread holders

Have I mentioned how awesome our back deck is with the hammock up?


I continue to have low level anxiety in my life. Perhaps work related? Perhaps turning-30 related? Its source remains unclear but its effect is becoming a bit more noticeable. I feel... "frayed"? when my mood manges to swing up. This just means I'm bit wackier then usual I'd say-- as would others. This week's evenings so far have been very delightful, which made me very happy, which resulted on my actions being commented on by others. Oh well. There are worse things to be then a happy spaz.

Fangirl MomentMary Robinette Kowal was at Borderlands and was about as awesome as expected. In fact, I'd give her an "Exceeds expectations" review. (This being the lady that wrote Shades of Milk and Honey (Glamourist Histories) [and I will punch the next person who makes a 50 shades of gray reference. That horse is dead, ok?]) She kindly signed my copy of the 3rd book as well as the new copy of her 1st book I picked up. I love my Kindle, but it does sort of happer the lending of good things... So now I have a copy of the first book! And would love to lend it to anyone who'ld read it.

Tuesday was once again Dr. Sketchy's, with a theme of Morocco. I think the return to twice a month is good for me. This month's model was Aja, who we've had before and is a talented lady. She struck a number of poses with lifted arms or turned heads and did not budge an inch. A real pro!

Dr Sketchy's : Lounge

Sadly I don't think I really made the most of the session-- my drawing mojo wasn't with me that night. As I commented to a fantastic fellow artist [Elle?]-- I've no problem with voluminous folds of fabric if they're done up in Wester fashion, I've figured out how to draw that. It's that I don't understand what's going on with the outfit and that's what's making it hard to draw. (Which I guess just means I need to perhaps practice a bit with the classic pile of fabric draped over a chair? Or perhaps a greater study of fashion) Anyway, something for me to think....

Dr. Sketchy's : Clap

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