Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Portal 2 : Frankenturret Project

While watching Adam play Portal 2 I was so struck by the sight of the frankenturrets that I swore right then and there to make one. I started on the project the very next day.... this was... what... 2 weeks ago? Only now finished a full version.

Photo taken with Adam's iPhone. Better pictures and complete blog post for my art blog later.

This is rev 2... Rev 1 had better parts I think but was glued to wood and had a paper center... Now that I've recently acquired (on loan) a dremel I will definitely be making a better rev 3.... Also, next time I wont be using finger nail polish as my paint...

Has single pivot heads (will have 2 pivot ones next rev) and 2 pivot legs with springs on one of the joints (will use less tension in the springs next time). Makes a satisfying clicking sound when you fidget with them... Only stays in the "extended" leg pose when on carpet/high friction surfaces... Also, don't get me started on the body... this is actually rev 2.75 or whatever given how many times I tried to figure out how to fill the internal space.... All the white pieces are resin casts...

The below is a video of me fidgeting with the piece...

In the end it's really more of a "inspired by" look rather then a true-to-the-original replica. Good practice for me at least on following through and finishing something.

Anyone particularly interested recieving a copy of one? Any feedback on the overal look? (other then how stupid the inside looks? Advice on how to fill that space? Have tried paper and clay and neither worked out great...)


  1. Amazing. Simply amazing ^^
    'interested in reciving a copy'? SURE! But I think a guide or help on building one would be way more fair, as shipping stuff here (Chile) tends to be expesive =P
    I'm specially interested on learning about resin casts from someone who knows how to do them, instead of a generic tutorial... any chance you could spare time teaching a newbie ^^;

    Congrats on an awesome job~ Can't wait to see that v3 you mention~ :3