Friday, May 6, 2011

Trying to make things... that live!

Have taken it into my head that I should start a garden. Really really possessed by this idea... Never grown anything from scratch before... my parents did have quite an impressive garden when I was growing up (and still do!) so in theory I might know some things....

So far I picked up parsley, basil, cucumbers (spacemaster variety! How neat!), and edamame.

Hope to get carrots, lettuce, and peas soon. Also a planters for the back porch... right now I'm using a couple clay pots but... they seem so tiny! Planters!

(also- I picked up a fucking fantastic glass orb from Paxton's Gate that has three holes in it... am trying to keep alive a plant that I shoved in there.... it looks so pretty though it hasn't really had a chance to die yet... )

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