Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makings the stuffs

I've no idea why I was so struck with the whole Portal thing. Don't get me wrong, I still really like turrets and all the variants there of... but my intense intrest caused a some project backup. The first of several has finally finished. I hope to get another 2 done this weekend...

Anyway- portal 2 turret embroidery project:

But no- it's not just some really mediocore piece! There's more!

I think the best thing about the turrets is the sad little things they say. I've also completely failed to find a good use till now for the RadioShack voice recorder thing I bought over a year ago. Solutions all around. Referenced from this photo. Not as good as some of the other turret embroidery out there either. Need to work on my detailing... and some other types of filler stitches...

Anyway, yeah, doing stuff... Still doing gardening-things. Haven't had a bottle-planted plant die yet so I keep putten' them seeds in there...
(Blogger was down last night when I wanted to write this post... so instead Adam and I played Little Big Planet for the first time... holy shit. Beautiful AND fun. New project ideas!)

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