Sunday, June 5, 2011

San Francisco & a Movie

A: Living in San Francisco is fucking awesome.

B: The movie Hobo with a Shotgun was fucking awesome.

Proofs as follows:

San Francisco is a great place to be. Exciting things can happen right on your door step! For example, SF Carnival could easily wind below one's window. Marvel at the delightful shots Adam and I were able to take from the comfort of our bay window.

This one wasn't from our house- it was from the parade down Mission St.

San Francisco also has crazy delicious food just about everywhere. It helps that some of the *most* crazy delicious food happens to be down the street from me. May I share with you my mouth watering lunch from this Saturday, curtisey of Coffee Bar.

Do you see that? That's a Cobb salad done right- none of that blue cheese shit, they put Fetta on there! Also featuring a Havanna Latte- the most delicious drink possible that fits in the coffee Ven Diagram. The up side of such tasty food is that some times you can convince people to come aaaaalll the way up to the city and hang out with you and sometimes the food works as bait. Or at least helps.

Topic B :

Andy and I saw Hobo with a Shotgun tonight. It was actually... really amazing. Originally just a trailer idea in the middle of the Grindhouse double feature this film exceeded expectations. Or at least fit them to a T? It went there. It delivered. It's not a film for everyone, that's for sure... Trailer here... if you dare. Rutger Hauer makes a really believable hobo. Well acted, no joke (at least the hobo and the hooker were well acted... everyone else was the appropriate level of over the top/cheesy). The soundtrack was flipping amazing. At times it reminded me of Funny Games, but didn't make me want to cry. Very much in the same vein as Planet Terror.

in other news, I've bought even more seeds and tried to clean up the planter in the back yard a bit for a garden... Only re-claimed a small portion from the weeds, will attempt more later stuff actually grows...

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