Friday, August 26, 2011

I enjoy pretty things

I am a fan of sushi. I have become more and more of a fan over the years. My memory is poor, but I'm rather certain that before college I had limited Japanese food, and none of the roll or nigiri variety. It wasn't until after college that I really began to enjoy nigiri... perhaps some day I'll just be gulping down straight raw fish sans rice? (Sashimi?) Anyway, am not there yet... But am loving them rolls and nigiri. Tasty, "light", and often the most visually appealing food option out there.

Just wanted to mention the delight that is Blowfish Sushi. I'm not really recommending it for the sushi, mind you. I mean, the food is all right, the rolls are fine. I'd say I enjoy the nigiri at Sushi Bistro better, but between the two I'd prefer Blowfish every time. Why?

The desserts.

I'm a *huge* dessert fan and I've yet to see any place provide as stunning results as Blowfish. Forgive the poor cellphone photography, but the dessert from our last visit?

Crazy. It was like a child's cartoon. Pink cotton candy, vibrant purple ice-cream that tasted of grapes, and ricotta cheesecake that was neon yellow and super fluffy. Also, flower petals. I've never actually tasted "flowers" on the few occasions they've been part of a dish but hot-damn, I'm a sucker for them. The dish tasted nice too. But really... looking like that? I don't think the taste was all that important. I definitely recommend. I think it was the Moko Moko?

If you *do* actually care about taste, let me recommend the Zen Garden. I don't have a photo of it... though it certainly warrants one. Green tea ice cream, green tea cheese cake, and matcha sause. It is heaven. Both novel and tasty. Worth a visit alone. I might almost go so far as to say my most favorite dessert in all the city.

If you want something *other* then sweets, the rolls really are fine. The soft/fresh tofu was also really tasty and Adam's favorite dish. We had to wait a bit longer then expected last time, 20 minutes- even with a reservation, so they offered us the most delicious Ritus Roll on the house. I'd happily say that was my favorite savory dish. Such a pleasant mixture of textures and flavors!

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