Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Portal 2 : turret side-tracking...

I posted video footage of this a while ago... and the next day it was a broke-a-did by a friend while I was showing it off. Oops.

Finally got around to [hot] gluing it back together this weekend. 's kinda' cute... Unfortunately one of the sides is a bit thick and that's the side connected to the tip of the nail (I use nails for my straight lines in this) which all just means that the connection to the "arm" is too thick and it can't close completely. As demonstrated below.

In case you need some helper music while watching this... Don't forget the Portal 2 soundtrack is an EXCELLENT free download!

Clearly I need to work on my .gif making...

(in other news : worken on the quilt... worken' worken'. The garden is growing- I have not one but TWO pea pods now! The pole beans are really, any day now, about to flower... any day now... )

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