Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I ♥ SF Food


You see that? You see that there? There's some sushirritos. They are fucking awesome. Living in San Francisco is fucking awesome.

My work office used to be located on an unfortunate block, just a pinch too far from down town. Not a nice location, kinda' dirty. Then we moved offices (about six months ago say) and I know work in the Financial District. Takes some getting used to- so many suits!- but there are definitely perks to working there. Namely the exciting food selection.

There's a Coffee Bar location across the street. If my taste buds shifted just so, I too could be in love with Curry Up Now- the Indian burrito truck that my coworkers rave about. Lets not forget about the Creme Brulee Cart that occasionally lurks around the block from my office.

When I go home, it's just as good. Last week Adam and I went to Flour & Water again- this time for the fantastical pasta tasting menu. Tonight Adam and I went to Local : Mission Eatery for romantic dinner. There's the original Coffee Bar location a few blocks away and Slow Club, which I'm slowly falling more and more in love with.

Yes, Paris had great food... but it was all always sort of the same type of great. I'm thrilled with the variety that I've uncovered in this city I live in. That it flowers and changes over time. Just last Friday I went spur-of-the-moment like to Bones (link goes to a PDF of the flyer) a food crawl on 20th street where all the food was themed off bones. Going by myself made me bolder then I ever am in a group- I had a small cube of what was essentially pig ear jello, among other things...

Bone Food
(click image for link to Flickr page with notes about each dish)


so... yeah... it's all relevant because good food makes for a happy Rebecca, and a happy Rebecca is a better coder and more prolific crafter...


  1. The sushirritos look amazing! How was the pig-ear jello?

    1. Pig ear jello does wonders for one's "I'm so tough!" self image but actually... really not good. Chewy and really... gelatinous? Tasted nothing like pig and was all unattractive texture.

      Sushirritos are tasty! But in truth they're just really big sushi rolls so perhaps makable at home?