Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pin Bird

Feeling guilty about not finishing anything lately. Have been working on things though!


As mentioned in the yarn hanging project, I have an unhappy relationship with my hat pins because they are not as awesome (see: sturdy) as I wish. They also came in a terrible plastic container that once opened never quite contained them. Even after pulling out a handful for the yarn project, they still don't fit.

Final pin bird

Wound up sticking them into a cork for storage and then just crafting up and around the thing... Unfortunately horizontal surface area is in high demand in my craft area and I couldn't put the pin poof anywhere practical. So I decided to mount it on the wall. The original idea was to have more of a crouched frog like creature... but as I was working I realized the pin poof too closely resembled to plumage of birds I've seen (most recently in Paris! Photos are almost ready to share!)
Final pin bird

Could be more bird-looking, but whatever. I'm calling it done because A) I need to get more shit done and B) I need to work on my "less is more". Adam said it was kinda' bird-like and that's good enough for me.

It's hanging above my desk... which still isn't clean enough to actually be usable, but is getting closer. It goes well with my reddish/purplish yarn chain and I hope to add more practical & pretty things to the space. Practaprettty? Practetty? I feel there's a great new catch phrase there somewhere...

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