Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green things

Easter Egg Planter

We finally had our first solid "good" weekend weather of the Spring. It was pretty sweet.

Last year I goofed around on the deck trying to grow crazy things in little bottles... all from seed. This year I've no such ridiculous restrictions. Given my flirtations with cooking, I actually want results this time around. Wish I hadn't accidentally killed that rosemary bush... damn...

2012's planters

The growing of things isn't entirely without silliness however. For Easter this year I was seized with a overwhelming ferver to make little planters out of Easter eggs. I emptied a number of them (via Dremel and syringe), dyed them, and then filled them with a pinch of gravel and dirt. And seeds. Made approx. 6 of those bad boys.... and then 1-2 days after Easter, right after I had hung them up outside, it poured down rain so viciously the dye was washed off and the seeds basically killed. Oops. Luckily 2 remained indoors and both have sprouted- the basil fairing much better then the mint (of which so far there is exactly 1 sprout-ling)

In other green-things, I finally took a stab at avocado bread. It started off *so* nice... smoothest, nicest dough I've worked with so far. Fun to touch! But then when pfffffffth in the second rising and just sorta' spread out rather then rising up. Boo. Should have put it into a bread tin....

Avocado & Blackberry
Also made a tiny bit of fresh blackberry bread. Soooo oozy and wet and terrible to start with! But surprisingly it turned out pretty tasty. It's not so much that you could taste the blackberries... but you could taste something!
Also, the color was pretty sweet! While the avocado bread had a lovely green thing going on to start with, baking it really muted it.

Fact: it was a pretty sweet weekend. Week, even.

  • On Tuesday Adam and I went to see Justice. We showed up waaaay too early (lame) which meant we were able to claim space against the railing on the 2nd tier of the Fox's GA section (super awesome).
  • On Wednesday Adam and I went to see Godspeed You! Black Emporor. Claimed near-optimal seating on balcony to the left of the band. Did you know the Great American Music Hall serves up wicked awesome brownie sundays for only $8?
  • On Thursday Adam got me a ticket to the opening movie/event for the SFIFF. Pretty posh!
  • On Friday I hurt... allergies started to kick in and my body taxed me for the week's joy
  • On Saturday I was tipped off that the Lost Horizon Night Market was happening! Among many other things, I attended the Prom truck.
  • On Sunday the GWS house had the first BBQ of the year! Friends + Meat + Fire + Sunshine + Sugar + Game of Thrones = Happiness. Did you know smoking a hookah while laying in a hammock is an even more fantastic experience then just smoking a hookah?
  • On Monday Adam and I went to the SFIFF showing of Buster Keton shorts with live music from Merrill Garbus (of Tune-Yards) & crew. How have I not seen Buster Keaton before?? He's like a fey crossed with a clown- it hurts my head.

Sigh... it's 11:35pm and my bread has now just finished it's 1st rise... I really need to work on this...

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