Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy Month

Typical Jaya


February has lots of things. I will be up skiing, I'll be up in Seattle, we'll be hosting an Oscar party, there's two Dr. Sketchy's, I'm attending my first conference ever via work and I'm participating in the Month of Letters challenge which means every not-Sunday or Monday the 18th I'm dropping something in the mail.

I'm also itching to sketch more since I accidentally went through my old collection of doodles... I was all prepared to rot my brain and waste my time on the Starcraft II : Heart of the Storm beta (went to Gamestop and got a key and everything!) but my game installation appears to be in a sad state and I can't play! :( So instead I spent Saturday night trying to get my groove back. Above is my tabletop character Jaya. Mel would give me a hard time for the continuing inconsistencies in character model but something is better then nothing. Shirt heavily referenced from this photo.

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