Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good things

I attended my first Meetup event- a Women Who Code Hack Night thing. It was... interesting. There were more ladies in that room, interested in programming then I believe I've worked with in my career so far. Sadly I felt socially awkward, my laptop misbehaved, and I failed to actually "hack" on anything. But it was pleasant in an overall abstract way and I hope to attend again.

While it didn't come out this month, I have just recently stumbled across Professor Elemental's Father of Invention album and it is crazy good. Superior to all previous albums, in my opinion. There's no single song better then Fighting Trousers on this album, though there is a track featuring Mr. B-the-Gentleman-Rhymer. Listed below are my favorites:

You're Invited: The best part about Professor Elemental is how fun and happy and joyous his songs are. Good hearted!

Animal Ice Cream: The Professor has an abnormal interest with animals and it produces amazing things

You Remind Me of a Car: What's better then these breathy sexy, sexy lyrics? I quiver!

The Attic: A mysterious story! Reminds me of table top games...

Speaking of music, I just found on my camera a photo from Doug's CD exchanges from early January. I love my album artwork on this! The title of the playlist: Everything is Horrible. Adam's playlist is 'Unsolved Mysteries'

CD Swap Entries

The only sad thing is that I've failed the Month of Letters challenge... but that's something for another post. Was distracted with a new project... it's been too long since I've made a monster. You can see some in-progress shots below. A weighted paper holder is the core that I've been building around... just skinned the legs after I took the photo... the eyes are in the process of being painted... slow progress, but it's coming together. Destined for my desk at work when completed.

Paper Holding Monster : early stages

Paper Holding Monster : early stages

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