Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warning! There be boobies ahead!

How is February not over yet? I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and there's still more then a week left. Ugh.

Have returned from Seattle, which holds friends and family and is still quite nice. Saw the Amaluna Cirque du Soleil show while up there with good friend Trisha. I greatly enjoyed the acts, was intrigued by the engineering of the costumes, felt 'meh' about the music, and loathed the clowning, which is luckily only a small part of the show. Definitely recommend it if you can make it. Wont go into details about the acts (you should never know what you're getting into with a Cirque show!) but I will say that my most favoritest act was the man pole dancer. Not really a stripper pole dancer act, just a freakishly athletic man and a pole. Good times, good times.

Dr. Sketchy's was tonight Dr Sketchy's : 2/19/13 and the model had quite a get-up. Sadly she didn't keep most of it it on. Lacy skirts are so much fun to draw! All those fashion templates I copied from finally paying off!

Turnout was strong again, yay for them, boo for me. Placed third in the contest, yay. Next session is the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence which should be fun but no doubt will be even more crowded.

Dr Sketchy's : 2/19/13 | Dr Sketchy's : 2/19/13
I'm a bad person and entered both 20 minute sketches in the contest. The one on the right got 3rd place.

Dr Sketchy's : 2/19/13 The session started off rough... the model had a strong jaw and nose, elaborate makeup, and quite the crazy hairdo. Took a while to get into the groove... She was also mind bogglingly thin which was hard to capture and not look "wrong". I include 3 sketches that I consider border-line worthy of scanning because.... why not.

But once I got rolling, I was quite pleased with the results. Favorite sketch of the evening is below. Yes, she had heart shaped pasties on. She also had antlers draped around her neck which made for quite the awesome look...

Dr Sketchy's : 2/19/13

Again, I'll wishfully state that I'll get back to posting about crafts and code...
...some day...

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