Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to the fabrics

Purple CurlsI like this see-sawing between yarn and fabric projects. What I do with them feels different and it's nice (for my wrists and eyesight!) to keep mixing it up...

Pulled together a new little bottlecap monster while watching the rest of House season 7. Ugh. Don't get me started. Stupid House. Stupid. Anyway, while watching stuff I whipped him up- cheated and used a sewing machine to hold the curls in place. The feet are wire with tips dipped in crayon again. This time I did some floss wrapping till it met the fabric- definitely helped. The fingers are still flexible- presumably the fellow could hold a pencil- haven't tried yet. Have settled on the key for crayon dipping- it needs to be at a mid-range temperature that I can't maintain over or off a flame. So I wind up melting a crayon and then dipping repeatedly till I find the right window (of about 1-2 minutes?) where the crayon will be liquidly enough to form a smooth surface and yet thick enough that a blob will stay on the wire...

Also, this guy has ~$0.40 in change in him which gives him pleasing weight. Yay for weighting things with nickels and pennies!

Purple Curls

Speaking of fabric projects... while the Catan quilt isn't done, most of the fun "quilt" aspects of it are... now it's just stupid snaps everywhere. This lead me to feeling clear enough of conscience to persue the idea of a new quilt project... Wound up spending a lot of time Sunday morning "planning" a quilt based off of this lovely quilt pattern... But after jumping in the shower I realized how it was not to be... The idea of making some arbitrary geometric quilt based off of some random pattern just isn't... me. It doesn't feel "true" to myself, as corny as that sounds.

All is not sadness and woe however! In that very same shower I remembered that I already had another quilt project in the works! Yes! That ancient Pythagorean Proofs Quilt idea!
Oh, yeah, that thing...

Looking at what I have so far, I'd say I'm halfway done with the applique... And there's lots of odds and ends of space filling between the blocks that I'll somehow have to come up with fabric piecings for, which makes me happy to think about.
Left to do:
  • Finish lower left applique (one edge left of green square)
  • Re-do upper left applique & embroider text/proof
  • Make 2 more proofs
  • Figure out how to lay out the proofs
So... there's that to be excited about. I also started ever so slightly to entertain the idea for a 4 bit adder quilt showing the logic gates (a lot of XOR and AND gates)... but that's far down the line, and also might not come together... There's also the idea of the Starcraft quilt, if I can ever get/find the unit screen shots/artwork I need for it!

In conclusion, some more of the new purple curl monster... His eyes are magical- A pair of lovely beads I randomly found hiding in my bead box- they look like drops of oil! He perches on the edge of the molding above the TV between the den and the kitchen. This pleases me.

Purple Curls

Purple Curls

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