Monday, April 16, 2012

A little failure, a dash of winning.

Face Hugger Crackers

I've been having a string of cooking failures lately. Some really awful mango bread that either didn't rise and/or didn't have the right ratios. This evening I tried to make crackers and they wound up taking like undercooked flour because... well, that's probably what they were... but golly gee was I happy with them! Who cares what they *taste* like- it's all about how they look!

Face Hugger CrackersNormally when I have a big "thing" I plan on, I don't want to share too much about it because of the whole threat of failure. I've already blabbed enough in person about my dinner party idea, so no reason not to mention it here-- I'm working on a Aliens themed dinner. Aiming for several courses & really fancy stuff. Not a litteral translation of the film, but a sort of mood feeling.... Unfortunately the "facehugger" course had been really stumping me. It was too vital of stage to leave out and yet.. nothing I could think of really conveyed the vibe...

Then I was saved! Google Reader randomly tossed up a killer blog post from Juggling Frogs about how to make your own cookie cutters. Instantly the dish crystalized in my mind. I started working on the cutter Saturday night, gave myself a lovely nick in my thumb, took of Sunday, and finished it tonight- Monday.

The recipe I tried tonight was no better then edible playdough. I'm not concerned however- the important part was that the cutter held up after several uses and as expected- draping the "skins" over tinfoil balls provides the perfect "crawling" effect I was hoping for! Anyone have any good cracker recipe suggestions?

Face Hugger Crackers

The actual dish/course will probably just be the crackers and some nice cheese... perhaps a soup course instead... haven't decided yet. Am aiming for exceptionally light and crispy facehuggers in the end...

[Update : I actually had the Aliens dinner party on 6/16/2012! Read about it here]

As stated above- am not winning much with other cooking... was psyched to make some avocado bread, but then got lazy.. was going to settle on avocado cookies but by the time I got around to cutting into my avocado it had started rotting on the inside! Ewww! Had already pulled out half my ingrediants so I was forced into a more mundane cookie... managed a minor rebellion by using marshmallows rather then the called for chopped walnuts... I will confess to their tastyness, but really... how can you go wrong with a stick of butter? That's a low bar.


All the cookies are gone now, over half consumed by me alone... I'd feel guilty, but Adam and I went on a kick-ass 12 mile urban hike this weekend from our front steps to the South San Francisco BART stop. It was glorious! We saw parts of SF we'd never seen before - both good and bad. So... yeah... I'm feeling pretty great right now.

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