Monday, June 11, 2012

East Coast Travels

Hard to be crafty when not at home, as stated in previous post. Hard to be coding when you leave your god damn laptop at airport security on your way out of town! Doh! On the upside I had a severely Net-free vacation! (and the laptop was waiting for me when I got back in town)

Am still fighting myself on sleep though... had an aggressive first week back that was not aided by flying in at approx 2am and several late night movie showings: Snow White & the Huntsman, Moonrise Kingdom, and MIDNIGHT SHOWING of Prometheus!!! Ehm. That's for another blog post. This one is just gratuitous vacation photos and mutterings!

Our East Coast Vacation!!11!1! !

Pacific Ocean Sea CreaturesBefore heading out, we celebrated a friend's birthday. Part of this celebration involved jumping in the Pacific Ocean. Adam suited up quite awesomely while I opted to hop about in the waves in just my swim suit. Hooray for body fat being useful!

Sweet Sunsets! Adam & his beer

Red eye to Key Largo, Florida. Stayed at the Hilton there. Turns out red eyes work great when all you plan to do on that first day is lay on a beach. Adam and I had fun- one day we kayaked out to those little keys you can see. The food there was surprisingly good- had gator bites! And lots of fish! Did you know that Key Lime Pie comes from those keys? News to me...

Oh shit!
Our last day in Florida was spent exploring the Everglades. The swamp land is so bleak and... kinda' evil, it makes me meditative on the nature of national parks and our relationship to nature. I definitely recommend visiting it, if you can. It lacks the majesty of some parks- notably ones with mountain ranges in them- but it still is fascinating. We didn't have time (nor Adam the tolerance) to stop at the much advertised Alligator Park, but we did spot one in the wild which made us quite proud.
Adam! Alligator & Us
Good display layout
Adorable warthog After a brief, yet terrible flight north, we found ourselves in DC. I'm not sure how much I've conveyed it here, but I'm a huge science/nature museum fan. Big fan. Love 'em. I've been looking forward to the chance to visit the Smithsonian for ages and I was not let down. The Natural History Museum is fantastic- one of the best I've seen so far. Great exhibits, great taxidermy, great text. The only draw back was how flippen crowded it was... but who can actually resent school children going to a museum to learn? A free museum! Went back to the NHM a second day... We also visited the Air & Space museum which Adam was much more into. His dad used to work for Boeing and he was able to name several planes on sight.
Bones! ... ... ..
Awww, yeah. History! Oh, right... there was other stuff in DC as well... some buildings and stuff... not really my thing. We also visited Adams brother & his family! Very nice people. It's fun to watch children age... I remember seeing them when they were much smaller and much different. It's also crazy to observe family traits between generations...

And then we went to Maryland where a pair of very good friends became legally bound. The end! We were too caught up with the socializing to take any photos, alas. To see more photos of what was covered here, check out the Flickr Set Regular content relating to crafts and code to resume any day now... any day now...

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