Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am now dating a 30 year old man

Adam turned 30. Woah.

Adam at age 30
He cooked a traditional dinner recipe for a small group of friends. It was very tasty. He did it all by himself. Note the lovely collection of checkered napkins everyone has- a family friend made them and sent them to him just in time.
Adam & friends
Not only did he cook dinner (spaghetti carbonara), he also made quite a collection of desserts for larger party that followed. (chocolate cake, chocolate covered banana bread, rhubarb crisp, a tiny vegan rhubarb crisp, and he decorated with chocolate and raspberries two store-bought cheesecakes)
Adam's mad cooking skills
My contribution to the party was to make a "Pin the Beard on Adam" game. I think it went over well.
Pin the beard on Adam!

Good times here, in the SF Flat. Good times.

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