Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little things

Aliens dinner party was last night. Am still recovering... more on that later when I get my hands on some photos....

Laptop Harness Finished up a minor project started before the east coast trip-- laptop sleeve harness thing! I now have a 15" laptop from work...turns out those 2 inches between 15 and 13 are a big deal, especially when lugging that thing to and from work once a week.

Didn't want to get a huge bag for the damn thing, but I couldn't lug it in my normal bag. Grabbed a laptop sleeve from Apple : sorta like, but not exactly like this Incase Nylon Protective Sleeve 15-Inch - Black (CL57480).

No harness = sadness Ever since high school, I've always carried too many things in my arms. Used to lug 3+ text books around every day in my arms or resting on my hip. Turns out carrying really expensive and heavy equipment around like that isn't as fun...

The harness is one big loop that makes up both handles and then a secondary loop crossing that, which holds the laptop in place. I was going to have a second secondary loop, but turned out to be unnecessary. The secondary loop is green on one side and red on the other, providing a delightful watermelon look and a versatile color pallet :)

Reversable laptop harness Improved!

It's easy to slip on and off and the primary loop is made up of 2 parallel cords (yay, more piping!) so it seems pretty damn secure/sturdy.
Reversable Laptop Harnsess
Yes, went a little photo happy... sorry.

Also made some strawberry bread and home-made butter for the first time. Crazy how it hits that magical point and goes THUD and near instantly separates out... crazy... The bread was tasty, fun to make, and educational. Big chunks of fruit = good. Fruit puree = waste of time. There was a LOT of strawberry in there, but only the chunks were taste-able. Maybe next time with a puree I'll add extra sugar... ?

Strawberry bread
Bubble gum? Cream -> Butter : 3 Cream -> Butter : 2 Cream -> Butter : 1

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