Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shhh! In-progress work

Efforts to sew were thwarted by a missing presser foot holder and then by my model for the next apron I'm sewing being off at a baseball game.

Spent a very dazed evening coding... several quick points:

  • My 13" Macbook Pro is so cute and tiny and doesn't BURN when I sit with it on my lap (see: work 15" Macbook Pro)
  • Coding at work and then coming home and coding some more = unhappy eyes and brain pan. I feel kinda dizzy and not-awesome. I also forgot to eat more then just an egg for dinner. Feels like college all over again.
  • Visual Design is hard. Haaaard. It's so easy to wave the data together but I don't know how to wave the user's brain into the system.
  • I tried to use Twitter Bootstrap, I really did... but those tables, they just solve all my problems...
Found out that I can host content from my DropBox! Oh joy! No idea what the bandwidth limits are like.... Will get the Stereogram project up soon.

Anyway! Ratio Recipe Manager

The page may look terrible, but I've been using a much simpler/stupid version of it for my last 4 loaves of bread (at least). I aspire to improve the saved-info functionality, and make adding ingredients easier. It would also be a nice challenge for myself to make it not look like ... like it does now.

MMMmMMmmmm.... Knockout.....

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